15 Delicious Vanilla Mug Cake Recipes

When it comes to quick and easy desserts, mug cakes are the epitome of simple, effortless baking, ideal for when you are craving a quick sweet treat. 

Simply combine the staple components of your cupboard with whichever flavoring you choose, spoon into your favourite mug, and heat up in the microwave.

They are ideal for when you desire to make use of all the different ingredients in your kitchen storage to make a quick, delicious dessert.

Even children can help make these miniature masterpieces, and since this dish only requires a minimal quantity of cooking equipment, usually only requiring a single mug and a spoon, you will not have to think about having to clean up much following the ‘baking’. 

In order to make your own mug cake, you will need the same ingredients required to bake your usual sponge cake, used in smaller amounts. Only one small egg is required along with equal amounts of flour, butter, and sugar. For the perfect, spongy mug cake, self-raising flour is the best option. 

The mug cake can be used in a variety of ways: you can add a sprinkle of cocoa powder for a chocolate flavored sponge, a teaspoon of peanut butter or chocolate spread for a melt-in-the-middle surprise, or even a light scattering of fruit for a delightful, fresh twist. Adding a dab of vanilla extract or coffee to your dessert may give it an extra moist texture. 

In this article, we are going to be specifically looking at plain vanilla sponge foundations with additional treats to make it taste extra special.

15 Vanilla Mug Cake Recipes

Vanilla Mug Cake

One of the quickest conceivable ways to bake a dessert is to create this simple Vanilla Mug Cake in your microwave.

You could eat it plain, enjoying the simple, subtle vanilla flavoring, or if you would like to mix things up a little you could always add a spoonful of Nutella and/or a handful of chocolate chips to send you to dessert heaven.

Pair this microwave vanilla mug cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, gelato or whipped cream, and you cannot go wrong. Give it a try!

Keto Vanilla Mug Cake With Cream Cheese & Coconut

This 2-minute Keto vanilla cake in a mug, made with cream cheese and coconut, is a delicious low-carb treat to serve with whipped cream and berries.

This Keto friendly mug cake is made with vanilla extract, cream cheese, and coconut flour, resulting in a gorgeous miniature dessert that is moist and flavorful, packed inside a compact container.

The combination of delicious flavors promises a tasty treat for whoever claims the mug for themselves.

Coconut Flour Vanilla Mug Cake

This gluten free, paleo friendly mug cake made with coconut flour will be ready to consume within minutes, and is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for sugar in a heartbeat.

It is a silky, rich vanilla cake that only takes just several minutes to stir together before baking to completion inside your microwave oven. Sprinkles and chocolate chips are a completely optional addition, although they are highly recommended for a sugary, sweet boost of flavor.

Additionally, this delicacy may be translated into a low-carb or keto recipe by making a couple of adjustments to the original formula.

Vegan Vanilla Mug Cake with Chocolate and Raspberry

This one goes out to our vegan readers. This delicious, moist cake in a mug tastes just like a slice of your typical sponge cake, which is crucial for a successful mug cake. 

There is nothing wrong with a simple, modest vanilla mug cake alone, but the use of fresh raspberries and sweet chocolate pieces in the recipe brings a tangy and fruity touch to this tasty treat.

Covered with a creamy coconut topping for the final touch, this dessert is the stuff of legends.

Birthday Party Mug Cake

Birthday Cake, sometimes known as confetti cake or Funfetti cake, is the perfect dessert for a party, especially birthdays. It has a plain vanilla flavoring, which is a classic flavour that everyone enjoys, and the vibrant rainbow sprinkles are what really make the cake layers pop.

Due to its colourful and cheerful interior design, a Funfetti Birthday Cake is very appealing when sliced into, while the light vanilla sponge and sweet vanilla buttercream gives it its rich, wonderful flavor. 

Victoria Sponge Mug Cake

This Victoria Sponge Mug Cake is not only tasty, but it is also low in calories and syns, ideal for those craving sweet treats while attempting to watch their figures. The healthy(ish) dessert is ready to consume in minutes, making it ideal for when you are craving something sugary.

It is worth noting that when you initially remove the Victoria Sponge Mug Cake from the microwave, it may appear to be undercooked: you will need to allow it to cool for a few moments before carving into it and adding the fruit jam and cream filling.

Steamed Jam Sponge Mug Cake

Who doesn’t love a sweet, succulent jam sponge pudding? This classic dessert is so delicious, and when made in a mug, it takes up less time than you would realise. Plus, this is another sweet recipe that does not contain a lot of calories or syns!

The only extra step here is that, instead of using flour, you will need to blend your oats into a fine powder to achieve the cakey, crumbly texture. With the correct fine-blending appliance, this process will be a breeze.

This is a recipe for a fantastic, deliciously chewy cookie dough vanilla mug cake. This cake in a mug comes together in a flash, making it an ideal tasty treat for any fan of vanilla flavoured cake, and a safe option for those who favor gooey, raw cookie dough.

This is the best healthy mug cake recipe for individuals who want to eat healthier, but still want to satisfy their sweet desires. Additionally, this dessert is fairly high in protein and fibre.

Easy 3 Ingredient Mug Cake

What is better than a vanilla flavored mug cake? A vanilla flavored mug cake that only requires three ingredients to create!

While this recipe is not technically homemade, as one of the three ingredients is a readymade cake mix, it makes for a tasty dessert that does not take up hardly any time during its creation.

Depending on which cake mix you purchase, you could create several flavors of this specific mug cake. The only ingredients you will need to create this sweet treat are cake mix, natural yogurt, and water.

2 Ingredient Vanilla Mug Cake

What could possibly be better than a vanilla flavored mug cake that only requires three ingredients to create? Yep, you guessed it: a vanilla flavored mug cake that only requires two ingredients to create.

This recipe has pretty much the exact same requirements as the previously mentioned ‘3 ingredient mug cake’, minus the added water. It all depends on how much effort you would like to put into the cake.

If you are feeling particularly lazy, this is the recipe for you!

Strawberry Shortcake Mug Cake

What could be better than a mug cake that is quick, delicious, and ready in under 5 minutes? This dish is not only beautiful to look at, but even more delicious to taste.

This strawberry shortcake mug cake is the perfect treat to cook with a warm pot of tea on a Saturday afternoon.

By following this recipe, you could make your own tasty dessert that looks as perfect as something you would buy at a bakery: all you need are some creative presentation skills.

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Mug Cake

Try this light, fluffy Vanilla Chocolate Chip Mug Cake if you are searching for a delicious treat that can be enjoyed for breakfast, dessert, or a late night snack. It takes around 90 seconds to make in the microwave, and will definitely satisfy your cake cravings.

This is a silky vanilla cake with creamy, melted chocolate chips that takes only minutes to prepare, and is ready to devour in no time at all. All you will need is a microwave, a bowl, and a spoon!

Vanilla Latte Mug Cake

Many of us love to start our mornings with a steaming hot cup of Joe, giving us the energy needed to take on the rest of the day. Now, here is a genius idea: why not take your morning coffee in a mug, and transform it into a cake?

You will start to think about your breakfast in a completely different manner once you try this delicious recipe. This specific recipe is rich with protein and collagen, as well as powerful flavors, creating an overall somewhat healthier alternative for breakfast.

No Bake Microwave Mug Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love a creamy slice of cheesecake? It is the ultimate dessert in our eyes. If you are also a cheesecake lover, you should definitely consider creating this instant cheesecake in a mug! This single-serving cheesecake in a mug is not only quick and easy to make, while keeping your serving sizes in check.

This recipe can also be used as a starting point for any number of experimental variants that you can think of: try using other kinds of cookies in the place of the graham cracker base, including Oreos, chocolate chip shortbread, or whatever else you are craving on the day. 

Vanilla Pudding in a Mug

There are so many variants of delicious puddings: sticky toffee, chocolate, just to name a few. To finish up this list, we are looking at a stunning vanilla substitute that can be made in the microwave, taking only a couple of minutes to create.

You will need to be extremely careful while mixing and measuring the ingredients for this recipe, however, as one wrong move could result in an unpleasant, runny texture.

If you can master this recipe, you will be left with a tasty pudding that will, surely, become an all time favorite. Good luck!

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