15 Bisquick Coffee Cake Recipes You Need to Try

As many people will agree, you can’t beat coffee! For a lot of people it is the first thing that they drink when they get up in the morning, and it is something that keeps them going throughout the day. No matter how tired they are.

But, our earlier statement isn’t quite true, because there is one thing that beats coffee. That is cake. In particular, a classic coffee cake.

There is no denying the deliciousness that is coffee cake, but this itself can be made better by adding Bisquick to the mix. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best Bisquick coffee cake recipes that you need to try. So to find out more, keep on reading.

What is Bisquick?

But, just in case you have been living underneath a rock, let’s take a look at what Bisquick is. Well, when it comes to baking, Bisquick is a great way to cheat.

That is because Bisquick is a pre-mixed baking mix that is sold underneath the ‘Betty Crocker’ name. This mix is a very popular fan-favorite among the baking community, and that is because it is insanely versatile. It means you don’t have to go shopping for coffee cake ingredients.

Not only can the Bisquick baking mix be used to produce cakes, but it can also be used to make pancakes too. So, with this mix, you really do get the best of both worlds. 

However, Bisquick isn’t just popular for its ease of use. As well as making baking simple, it also makes baking cheaper. When you purchase Bisquick to use in your cake batter, it significantly cuts down your shopping list for ingredients.

So, if you want to bake easily and cheaply, then Bisquick is the way to go. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 15 of the best Bisquick coffee cake recipes that you need to try.  

Easy Bisquick Coffee Cake by InsanelyGood

First up, we have this easy Bisquick coffee cake recipe by InsanelyGood. This recipe can be prepared in just 10 minutes, and baked in 25, so in just over half an hour you will have a delicious cake ready to enjoy with your coffee.

The cake itself requires just 5 ingredients (including the handy Bisquick box), but if you want a yummy topping, you will need to buy some extra things on top. Either way, this cake is straightforward to prepare, and a great option if you don’t want to spend all day baking. 

Bisquick Coffee Cake by AllRecipes 

Likewise, this Bisquick coffee cake recipe by AllRecipes is also a great choice. This is mainly because this entire recipe (both cake and topping) requires just 9 ingredients.

That means you can easily make this cake using ingredients that you might have lying around the house, or that you can easily pick up from the store. It is totally delicious, and simple to make which is why this is a recipe that you have to try. 

Bisquick Apple Coffee Cake by SimplyRecipes

If you prefer a bit more flavor in your coffee cake, then we would recommend this Bisquick apple coffee cake recipe by SimplyRecipes.

As the name of this site suggests, this recipe is incredibly simple to make, so it is perfect for you if you are someone who lacks baking experience. With just a handful of ingredients, and a very short preparation and baking time, it is easy to see why this recipe is so popular!

Bisquick Coffee Cake by Food. 

Or, if you would rather keep things plain, you need to try this Bisquick coffee cake recipe by Food. This recipe is so easy to make with just 8 ingredients, and only 5 preparation steps.

For this reason, it is perfect for a last-minute bake, and also a great choice if you want cake, but don’t want to put in the effort that is normally associated with this. So, this is another recipe that you have to try to truly appreciate. 

Bisquick Coffee Cake by theKitchenMagpie

As you can see from the photographs attached to this recipe, this Bisquick coffee cake by theKitchenMagpie is a little different. This is mainly because it has a gooey and juicy center.

While this does make the recipe more fiddly, it also makes the cake all the more delicious because you never have to worry about it being dry. So, if you fancy something juicier, this is the recipe to try! 

Make sure to freeze coffee cake to enjoy at a later date.

Bisquick Coffee Cake by Live, Laugh, Rowe

For true nostalgia to child-hood days, you have to give this Live, Laugh, Rowe ‘Bisquick coffee cake’ recipe a try. This recipe keeps things simple, but isn’t that the way it always was when you were younger?

With just 8 ingredients and even fewer steps in the preparation of this cake, it is obvious why this recipe is so popular, and that just gives it all the more reason for you to try it out. 

Bisquick Coffee Cake by GonnaWantSeconds

Aptly named, GonnaWantSeconds has also put together this delicious Bisquick coffee cake. The name of this site is perfect because this recipe is definitely one that is going to keep you coming back for more.

No matter whether you want a single slice of cake with your coffee, or if you are having friends around, this is a very moreish cake. So, if you decide to make this recipe, it might be worth doubling the ingredients so that you will have even more cake to enjoy!

Streusel Coffee Cake by BettyCrocker

Most coffee cakes are quite plain in flavor, but this Streusel coffee cake by BettyCrocker is a little more flavorful. So, if you love a hint of cinnamon to your cake, this is the recipe for you!

As we have said, Betty Crocker is the company that is, ultimately, responsible for producing Bisquick, so we had to include one of their Bisquick cake recipes on this list. This Streusel coffee cake is by far the best recipe that Betty Crocker has on offer. 

Bisquick Coffee Cake by BubbaPie

Or, if you love coffee cake because it isn’t that flavorful, then this is the recipe for you! This cake by BubbaPie is simple in every single way, but sometimes this is all that you want from a cake. So, if this is the case for you, check it out! 

Bisquick Blueberry Coffee Cake by ATableFullofJoy

But, if you prefer fruit-flavored cakes, you should give this Bisquick Blueberry Coffee Cake a whirl. As the name suggests, this recipe uses blueberries to give the cake even more flavor, and this addition also makes this cake the perfect alternative for breakfast.

So, instead of cereal with your morning coffee, slice yourself a piece of this delicious cake, and you won’t be disappointed! 

Bisquick Coffee Cake by SparklestoSprinkles

But, as we have said, it is often the case that simple is best, and that is why we love this Sparkles to Sprinkles Bisquick coffee cake recipe.

This recipe is perfect for anyone who isn’t a confident baker, and it is a great gate-way recipe into baking. With a short baking time, and an even shorter preparation time, you won’t have to wait too long to eat this cake, and that is why we love this recipe so much. 

Bisquick Coffee Cake by Lil’Luna

Similarly, this Lil’Luna Bisquick coffee cake recipe is perfect. This recipe is completely yummy, and incredibly affordable to make. So, if you want a simple cake to enjoy with friends, that won’t break the bank, this recipe is the one that we would recommend! 

Bisquick Coffee Cake by TheSimpleParent

Or, if you are baking cakes for your children, then we would recommend this Bisquick coffee cake recipe by TheSimpleParent. This recipe is designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages, and it is also designed to be easy to prepare when you also have children to look after.

For this reason, this cake is easy to prepare, and it has a very short baking time, so making this cake can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Old Bisquick Coffee Cake by Recipezazz

If you are someone who loves traditional things, then this old Bisquick coffee cake recipe by Recipezazz is pretty much made for you. This recipe takes things back to the basics, and it will truly make you reminisce on your earlier years.

It may be an old recipe, but it is also a delicious one, and it is guaranteed to be a hit no matter who you serve it to. Equally, it is just as yummy if you enjoy the entire thing yourself! 

Bisquick Double Streusel Coffee Cake by KeyIngredient

Finally, let’s wrap this up with this Bisquick Double Streusel coffee cake recipe by KeyIngredient. This recipe is probably the most complex that we have looked at in this guide, but it is definitely worth it.

The steps may be more difficult, but the end result is so much better for this reason. So, if you are someone with a bit more baking experience, or you are someone who simply loves a challenge, this is the perfect recipe for you!  

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