How To Slice Apples For Pie

There are several decisions you need to make when trying your favorite apple pie recipes.

How to create a homemade apple pie filling using your own apples is important, as is which apples to use, and how to slice apples should be considered too.

With a cutting board, a paring knife, and a vegetable peeler to peel the apples, you can create a delicious apple pie filling.

The way you cut apples should be important as sliced apples can create an apple pie that will wow your guests.

How To Slice Apples For Pie?

Begin by picking apples that you know will be either tart or sweet (you can mix them up) but they should be firm apples.

Wash them and they will be ready for use in your apple pie. Peeled apples with a vegetable peeler are ideal so use a sharp knife and a cutting board.

Hold the peeled apple on the cutting board and cut four slices close to the core by taking a slice and then turning the apple round.

These should be thick slices so slice them to be about a quarter-inch thick and a paring knife can work well.

You want the slices to be around the same thickness to provide even cooking. Place the apple slices in a bowl with some water to keep them fresh.

Make sure you remove any remnants of the core as this can be tough in your apple pie filling.

You could use an apple corer, or even a melon baller. The simple method may still be to simply cut around the core for your apple slices.

You could also use an apple cutter to provide cut apples in one swift movement. Sliced apples that are uniform in thickness could make an arty apple pie seem easy.

Uniform slices can also come from a mandolin, just try your best to avoid the core.

Creating An Apple Pie

How To Slice Apples For Pie?

The apples are crucial to the filling yet the crust is also important. Make sure it is cooked and not overwhelmed by the mixture that creates your pie filling.

Your first step is choosing the apples for pie as sweeter apples like a pink lady work well but so do tart apples in baking.

A granny smith apple is a popular pie filling but you can use a combination.

If you do decide to slice apples beforehand for your apple pie, they will brown.

Covering them in sugar will not make much difference so toss the sliced apples in lemon juice and keep them fresh in a closed container.

The slices can become soft so store them properly so oxidation cannot apply.

Ensure that you use firm apples for pie and you will need some sugar, either brown or white will do.

You will also need a pie dish to bake the apple pie and a baking sheet to place underneath should any drips need to be caught.

A paring knife can also be used to create some steam vents to prevent your covered pie from exploding.

Making The Best Apple Pie Filling

There are different apples that you may want to try for the best apple pie filling. Tart apples, and certainly fresh apples, work best for an apple pie filling.

Sprinkle on some brown sugar, even if the apple pie recipe does not specify it, and you can have a delicious filling.

There are generally six apple types that are ideal for an apple pie filling. These include honey crisp for a sweet taste and a firm shape.

Granny smith apples are tart so you can combine the slices with sweeter apples for pie.

Northern spy apples are considered sweet and firm enough to be perfect for apple pie, especially when they keep their shape when baking.

A golden delicious apple may seem ideal but typically breaks down when cooked. Find a firm apple to combine it with in a filling and it should be ideal for a pie.

Gala apples may also be ideal as they are ideal and do not become too firm in a pie.

Pink ladies are also renowned for apple pie as they are considered very crisp and hold up their sweet yet tart flavor in a pie.

A Truly Homemade Apple Pie Filling

If you want to create an apple pie you can call homemade then use some fresh apples that you have grown yourself.

These could be ideal for a tart flavor though you may want to grow apples ahead and include a pink lady or a golden delicious from the store, a northern spy, or even a granny smith.

With your own apples, you can experiment with the apple slices to find the right thickness.

Thick slices, thin slices, as long as they do not brown quickly with an apple that can stay firm, you can begin to experiment.

Final Thoughts

The classic apple pie should include the best apples and cutting them the right way is crucial.

Uniform slices will prevent burning and if you are preparing the slices ahead then ensure you apply lemon juice so they remain fresh.

It may even be an idea to combine different apple types for a range of textures and flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Dice Apples Or Cut The Apple As Slices?

For a classic apple pie, peel the apples then ensure that every slice should be a quarter-inch thick.

People prefer the artistry you can create with apple slices rather than apple pieces.

The recipe may tell you to use apple chunks yet when baking it may simply look a bit ungainly when served with vanilla ice cream as opposed to apple slices.

Should You Peel Apples For An Apple Pie?

While it may be easier to cut apples that have not had a vegetable peeler applied, the apple peel can provide an unnecessary texture.

If you want a pie filling to impress, remove the apple peel before using it in an apple pie so your guests do not have to search it out. 

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