Baking Cheesecake Without Springform Pan

Many a cheesecake recipe calls for the use of springform pans. That may signal disaster for a big gathering when you have loaned out your best pans and you are struggling to work out what to do.

Fear not, with a baking pan, a silicone cake pan, a regular cake pan, or even disposable foil pans can work as springform pan substitutes.

Using A Baking Pan

Remember that certain baking pans have different dimensions. Should the baking pan be more shallow then the cheesecake will need a reduced baking time. Let’s say that the cheesecake recipe calls for a ten-inch sized springform pan.

If you cannot find one to hand then a nine by 13 pan should work though you may have to reduce how much crust you include.

A nine-inch cake pan or a couple of deep dish pie plates should also work though you should be careful with the material.

Due to how heat is distributed in the aluminum cake pan or an aluminum foil pan, this may be an option for a no bake cheesecake.

Using A Silicone Cake Pan

The springform pan is best for a traditional cheesecake yet it fails to add anything apart from being easy to use. That means you can try a silicon cake pan but you should check the cheesecake in the oven.

Do not change the temperature but consider the baking time, especially with deep silicone cake pans. Of course, no bake cheesecakes do not come with that worry so you are fine to use silicone pans.

Other Pans You Can Try

As long as they are the desired size, you can any sort of round pan. That’s right, you can try a tart pan, pie pans, deep dish pie plates, silicon pans, glass pans, and even Bundt pans. These can all become a makeshift cheesecake pan but you may want to change the baking time as some materials conduct heat better than others.

You may have to use some of these pans as a serving plate as multiple pans do not come with a vital removable ring.

Be wary of using baking cheesecakes that have a fair amount of crust. Most cake pans are defined by their depth so you may need more crust than you initially thought to ensure the base stays in one piece or use parchment paper (more about that below).

That counts for muffin tins too though the amount of cheesecake batter may remain consistent. If you have experience with delicate cakes then use it here as a different cake pan can prove difficult to use.

How To Use Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is essential if you want to work out how to remove cheesecake without using the springform pan. For the perfect cheesecake, line the sides and base with some parchment paper to easily remove it.

Without parchment paper, you can just use one aluminum foil pan then cut it to showcase the cheesecake.

Consider No Bake Cheesecakes

Do you really want to fret about the baking time of a traditional cheesecake? Without the springform pan, it could be so much easier just to forgo the traditions of baked goods.

There are so many recipes that call for you to create a cheesecake without any actual baking. You will still have a delicious cheesecake but not have to fret about the material of the baking pans.

Cheesecakes are a rewarding dessert and they can look just as good in silicone molds, aluminum pans, tart pans, Bundt pans, basically any sort of round pan should work. Just a simple regular cake pan can still wow guests, though you may want to consider a topping like caramel sauce or fresh strawberries.

You can simply prepare the cheesecake in advance, leave it in a regular baking pan and cover it with aluminum foil or parchment paper, no need to fret about the cooking time.

Why You Should Have Springform Pans

Not all cheesecake recipes are no bake cheesecake recipes. Occasionally, you will require that removable ring to get your cheesecake out without using a sharp knife.

Without the springform pan, there is an increased chance you may struggle with the presentation as the base may struggle to lift out in one piece. For homemade cheesecake, having the removable ring and removable bottom that comes with the springform pan is essential.

Final Thoughts

Alton Brown said that a cheesecake requires the springform pan ‘like a fish needs a bicycle’. He’s onto something as you certainly do not strictly require those springform pans, you can still create a cheesecake without one though it is more difficult.

Making cheesecakes is a delicate business and to remove cheesecake without the springform setup may require a sharp knife. Always ensure you read the recipe and adjust the baking time accordingly to compensate for the size and dimensions of the baking pans you decide to use.

If you have at your disposal several regular cake pans then you need not go out to buy springform pans. You can still create cheesecake without the springform pan but bear in mind how much more difficult it could be to present.

Using a glass pan may look strange and using a pie pan may just look uncouth. The presentation is key so using a Bundt pan or a disposable foil pan may look a little off-putting too whereas a tart pan would not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Multiple Baking Pans For Making Cheesecake Without The Springform Pan?

With multiple pans, you are required to make more crust. You may turn into a personal cheesecake factory trying to create as much crust with so much melted butter but it is worth it.

Without the springform pan, the base needs to be thick enough to stay in place when you remove the cheesecake.

Which Types Of Pans Will Create A Cheesecake Bake Faster?

Essentially, a cheesecake baked in a pan that is shallower will bake faster. Make sure you check the cheesecake as it may be done before you think.

The sides should be set and this may be a quicker process with a Bundt pan, or aluminum cake pans, but not so much with a pie pan and a glass pan. 

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