Travel With A Cheesecake

Everybody loves a creamy, delicious slice of cheesecake.

Whether it’s homemade cheesecakes that you’ve spent time baking, or frozen cheesecakes that you’ve picked up from a store, this delicious dessert is a definite treat.

But what if you want to travel with a cheesecake? It might be the case that you need to take your cheesecake somewhere.

You’ll soon find, however, that this isn’t so easy. If your transported cheesecakes aren’t stored properly, then you’ll find a crumbly mess waiting for you.

So how can you travel with cheesecake?

The short answer is that it will depend on how long you’re traveling for, and you’ll need to get a cooler box that’s the right fit for the size of your cheesecake.

The cake needs to then be covered with plastic wrap, and then it needs to be set down on top of ice packs in the cooler bag.

However, there’s plenty more to learn about traveling with a cheesecake, and we’ve got all the answers below!

How To Travel With Your Cheesecake In A Cooler Box

If you’re going to be traveling anywhere between half an hour and 2 hours, then you’ll want to use the cooler bag method for transporting your cheesecake.

It may take a few steps, but it’s worth it in order to protect your

Preparing The Cooler

To begin with, you’ll need to know about your journey long beforehand, so you can prepare the cooler with ice ahead of time.

You’ll also want to get some ice bags or freezer packs ready. Additionally, you’ll need a cooler box that is big enough to fit the cheesecake in.

Once the cooler is sufficiently cold, empty it of ice and put your ice packs inside.

Leaving The Cheesecake In Its Springform Pan

Now turn your attention to the cheesecake. If you baked it, then you can leave it in its springform pan.

Covering The Cheesecake In Plastic Wrap

After that, you’ll need to gently and carefully cover the cheesecake with plastic wrap. Make sure not to crush it! You don’t want it in pieces or crumbling.

Putting It In The Cooler

After that, simply put the cheesecake covered in plastic wrap inside your cooler box, setting it down on top of your ice packs.

Make sure that it’s secured well there, so that it doesn’t move around while you’re traveling. Finally, shut the cooler box’s lid.

Traveling With A Cheesecake

You’ll want to make sure that your cheesecake is safe and secure when you’re traveling. If it’s not stabilized, then it could fall over or move around, ruining the dessert.

As a result, make sure it’s nestled in the cooler box by the ice packs, with ice bags not only placed under it but around it too.

In terms of placing your cooler, avoid putting it on any of your car seats. It will easily fall over there. Instead, put the box on the floor behind your driver’s seat.

Can You Use An Insulated Bag Instead?

If you haven’t got a cooler box, but you do have an insulated bag that can have ice packs inside it, then you can use the bag instead – but only if your journey is on the shorter side.

This is because cooler boxes are often more effective than insulated bags, so will keep your food better for longer.

Can You Use A Cardboard Cake Round Cut To The Cheesecake’s Size?

When describing the cooler method, we mentioned that you could keep a homemade cheesecake in its springform pan.

Travel With A Cheesecake (1)

However, can you replace the pan’s bottom insert instead with a cardboard cake round that has been cut to the right size?

You can! If you want to, you can either buy a cake round from a store or cut your own from a piece of cardboard.

However, the cake round needs to be covered in some heavy aluminum foil. Without the aluminum foil, the cardboard is just going to get wet!

How To Freeze Cheesecake For The Journey

If you’re going to be traveling with your cheesecake for more than 2 hours, then freezing the delicious dessert is the best way to transport it safely.

Alternatively, freezing is also the best route to take if you’ve got a cheesecake whose consistency is looser than the more stable and strong cheesecakes you might get.

This is because freezing it will help to keep it intact for the journey, because it would otherwise probably fall apart, since it’s so loose.

Freezing The Cheesecake

After baking your cheesecake, you’ll first need to let it cool down. Once it’s cool, place it on a cardboard round, then cover it in plastic wrap securely.

After that, wrap it in aluminum foil too. Now leave it in the freezer to freeze.

Traveling With The Frozen Cheesecake

When you need to travel with it, remove it from the freezer and make sure that it’s still covered well with the aluminum foil.

The foil will help to keep the cold in, keeping it chilled.

You can simply then travel with the cheesecake. When you need to eat it, make sure it has been fully defrosted.

When Should You Add Cheesecake Toppings?

Depending on your cheesecake toppings, you need to add them at the right times – either before or after traveling.

Before Traveling

The toppings that need to be added to your cheesecake before traveling are ones like ganache, because they also need time to properly cool down.

Make your cheesecake first, then make the ganache while the cake is cooling for an hour.

Let the ganache briefly cool, then add it, before putting the cheesecake in the fridge overnight.

After Traveling

However, powdered sugar, sauces like coulis, and fruits should all be added AFTER you’ve traveled with the cheesecake.

If you add them before, they can go off. For example, the fruit might rot.

Final Thoughts

If traveling under two hours, have your wrapped cheesecake in a cooler box. For longer journeys, you should freeze it instead.

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