Great British Baking Show Vs Bake Off, What Is The Great British Baking Show?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we all spent a lot more time than we care to admit watching Netflix.

As a result, a whole host of television programs that likely would not have been popular in any other circumstance ended up going viral. Take Tiger King, for instance.

But this strange period also shed light onto some TV shows that had been vastly unappreciated previously. For example, the Great British Baking Show.

Many people who stumbled across this wonderful British Baking show were very confused. This was primarily because it had the same cast and format as a show with an almost identical name.

So, is the Great British Baking Show the same as Bake Off on Netflix? Yes, they are the same show.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at both the Great British Baking Show and the Great British Bake Off to find out more.

What Is The Great British Baking Show?

First things first, let’s take a look at what the Great British Baking Show is. The Great British Baking Show is a reality TV show all about amateur bakers showing off their baking skills in a bid to be crowned star baker.

In this show, a group of amateur bakers compete against each other for a number of weeks, being challenged each week to bake different recipes. Including cake week, bread week, and lots more.

When the show first launched back in 2010, the judges were Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Each week judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would get to try the different things that each contestant baked.

The competitors would tackle three challenges in each episode: the signature bake, the technical bake, and the showstopper.

Even though the bakers are competing against each other, the Great British Baking Show doesn’t feel too much like a competition.

This show set in the British Countryside creates a family, with contestants helping each other when they need it. The contestants are also helped by the show’s presenters, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.

In 2017, the TV series left the BBC, and as a result, both the hosting and judging panel changed. Paul Hollywood remained on the show, but Mary Berry moved on, as did the show’s presenters: Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.

Mary Berry was replaced by new judge Prue Leith, Mel Giedroyc was replaced with Noel Fielding, and Sue Perkins was replaced by Sandi Toksvig. Sandi Toksvig later left the show and was replaced by Matt Lucas.

Now that we know what the Great British Baking Show is, let’s take a look at what the difference is between this and the Great British Bake Off.

Great British Baking Show Vs Bake Off, What Is The Great British Baking Show?

Great British Baking Show Vs Bake Off: What’s The Difference?

Well as we said earlier, the Great British Baking Show is the same as the Great British Bake Off. The presenters are the same, the judges are the same, and the amateur bakers are the same too.

Both shows are exactly the same, the only thing that is different is the name.

The Great British Bake Off debuted as the Great British Bake Off when it first aired in the UK. The name only had to change once the TV show was broadcast in the USA.

The reason behind this was the phrase “Bake Off”.

In the USA, Pillsbury Bake has trademarked the term “Bake Off”. As a result, the TV show could not air under its original name in the USA.

So, “Bake Off” was replaced with “Baking Show”, and the new name was born.

How Does The Great British Baking Show Work?

We’ve already touched on this a little, but let’s take a look at how the Great British Baking Show works. Well, its format is actually very similar to most reality competition shows.

In the first week of the competition, there will be a lot of amateur bakers, and this number will slowly thin as the competition goes on.

Each episode starts with the signature bake, which will be based on the theme of that week’s episode.

Each amateur baker is able to practice their signature bake at home, and so this is the challenge that they normally do best in.

After the timer for the challenge is up, the judges will get to taste what each contestant has baked.

The next challenge is the technical bake. This is a blind challenge, and the bakers do not find out what they are baking until the day of the competition.

They are given the ingredients and an incredibly basic recipe, and left to bake while judges Mary Berry/Prue Lieth and Paul Hollywood leave the room. The bakes are then ranked from worst to best.

The final challenge is the showstopper. This is the most extravagant bake, and it plays a huge part in deciding who is crowned star baker.

Just as in the previous challenges, the judges will taste the showstopper bake once time has run out on the challenge.

After the three rounds have been completed. The judges will meet and discuss who is leaving the show that week, and who is the star baker.

The show will follow this format for the rest of the series until there are just 3 bakers left in the grand final. At the end of this episode, the winner of the show will be announced.

How Many Seasons Are There Of The Great British Baking Show?

If you are interested in watching the Great British Baking Show, then you will be delighted to hear that there are actually 12 different seasons of this episode available to watch currently.

So, if you want to sink your teeth into the first series, you can do so safe in the knowledge that there are plenty more episodes where that came from.


In conclusion, the Great British Baking Show and the Great British Bake Off are the exact same TV show.

In the UK, it is called the Bake Off, and in the USA, it is known as the Great British Baking Show due to a trademark owned by Pillsbury.

Thank you for reading!

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