Freezing And Thawing Brownie Batter

Everyone loves a brownie, don’t they? But what happens when you go overboard making your brownie batter and end up making too much?

The last thing we want to do is be left with spoiled brownie batter, so you can freeze it to use at a later date.

But how does freezing brownie batter affect it overall? Today we’re looking at how you can freeze and thaw brownie batter correctly without ruining it.

Does Brownie Batter Freeze Well?

Before you even think about freezing brownie batter, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it. There’s no use freezing brownie batter if it’s going to be ruined by the process!

Luckily, brownie batter is easy to freeze without compromising the freshly baked brownies.

Simply pop your brownie batter into a freezer bag and put it in the freezer. Alternatively, the batter can be frozen in an airtight container.

You can now use this whenever you’re in the mood to bake brownies without having to mix up a new batch of batter!

Does Freezing Ruin Brownies?

No, freezing brownie batter usually is harmless. The worst you might encounter is some freezer burn!

You can freeze brownie batter so that the batter doesn’t lose its freshness while you wait for your next chocolate craving.

All brownie batter contains ingredients that freeze well. Just be sure to freeze it in a freezer bag and remove as much air from the bag as possible.

This will prevent freezer burn and keep the ingredients from separating.

Once you have thawed your brownie batter, give it a quick mix to ensure that all of the ingredients are combined before baking.

How Long Does It Take To Freeze Brownie Batter?

It’s impossible to give a time to when brownie batter freezes since every freezer is different, as well as the batter itself.

Still, a general consensus is that it will take at least a few hours to freeze brownie batter.

If you’re freezing your batter, it is suggested that you’re not going to want to use it for a few weeks before cooking it.

While batter can be frozen, don’t bother if you’re planning on cooking it in a few days. Brownie batter can remain in the refrigerator for up to three days before it spoils.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Brownie Batter?

Freezing And Thawing Brownie Batter

When you’re ready to use your frozen brownie batter, you can let it thaw out completely before baking it in the oven.

The best results will come from thawing overnight, so leave the frozen brownie batter in the refrigerator overnight before baking it.

Keeping the frozen batter in the fridge before baking keeps it below room temperature, even when it’s thawed.

This means that the oven will increase the temperature of the brownie batter gradually, preventing it from being overcooked.

You can thaw brownie batter in a shorter amount of time by keeping it at room temperature, but this will reduce the time you have to use the batter before you’re left with spoiled brownie batter.

How Long Can You Freeze Brownie Batter?

Since brownie batter doesn’t contain any leavening agents, it is possible to keep it in the freezer for up to 12 to 18 months.

The most important thing to do when keeping your brownie batter in the freezer is to keep air away from it.

Oxygen can destroy the freshness of fresh food, leaving it with freezer burn, and the cooked brownies being dried out.

Brownie batter freezes well, but always make sure that you’re using a freezer bag with the least amount of air in it as possible.

To remove air from freezer bags, lie it down on a flat surface and put the side of your hand on the bag, where the mixture ends.

Firmly drag it towards the opening of the bag, allowing all of the air to be released.

Quickly zip the bag up before any more air can get in. Place the brownie batter in the freezer straight away.

Can You Bake Frozen Brownie Batter?

If you don’t have time to defrost brownie batter, don’t worry. We have the ideal solution for anyone who is always short on time.

That is – bake brownie batter straight from the freezer!

You’ll need to do some preparation for this, as you cannot bake brownie batter in freezer bags. Instead, freeze brownie batter in a cooking pan and wrap it tightly with aluminum foil.

When you’re ready to bake the batter, simply remove the foil and pop it into the oven.

There is no exact science for how long you should cook your frozen brownie batter, but you should add around 5 minutes to the normal cooking time.

Of course, check your brownies regularly to make sure that they’re not undercooked or burning.

Does Freezing Brownies Dry Them Out?

While you can freeze brownie batter, freezing cooked brownies is completely different.

Most brownies are fine to freeze once, although it might affect the texture if you don’t freeze them correctly.

Much like when you freeze brownie batter, you’ll need to make sure you’re removing as much air from around the cake as possible.

You can either do this by wrapping the entire tray in a clear wrap if you want to serve them to friends and family.

However, if you’re going to be the only person eating them and cannot finish an entire tray of brownies by yourself, you might prefer to freeze them individually.

Do this by wrapping each brownie in a clear wrap so that you can defrost them one at a time. You shouldn’t refreeze brownies, so this is a great preserving tip!


We hope that you have found our article informative when you want to freeze brownie batter and thaw it before cooking.

You can also cook it directly from frozen if you’d prefer by adding five minutes or so to the cooking time.

Brownie batter doesn’t contain any ingredients that would make it dangerous to freeze, and you can keep it in the freezer for up to 18 months.

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