Can You Make Cupcakes Without Liners?

Aren’t cupcake liners for muffins and cupcakes nice? They keep the cupcake tin looking spotless and are quite convenient to use while you are baking cupcakes.

The question is: can you make cupcakes without liners?

What transpires, then, if you don’t have muffin or cupcake liners? Are your hopes for muffins and cupcakes over now?

No muffin liners, no baking. It’s untrue! Without paper liners, you can still bake delicious goodies in your muffin tray. 

This article will take you through how to make cupcakes or muffins if you don’t have any liners on hand. Keep reading to find out how you can still bake those delicious treats!

Why Not Use Liners?

You may have a variety of justifications for not including paper liners while making muffins or cupcakes. 

While you might believe that all muffin tins of the same “standard” size are the same, some muffin tins can vary in size, making one somewhat bigger or smaller than another. 

Because of this, a “normal” sized paper liner may fit strangely and fail to meet your demands. It can be a little too big or little, or maybe not wide enough.

You could decide not to use the paper liners in order to reduce the price of the baked goods.

One quick money-saving tip is to forego the paper liners. Paper liners are no more! It is a wonderful excuse not to use paper liners if you are desperate to bake cupcakes but are simply without any.

You don’t need store bought cupcake liners to make excellent cupcakes, so don’t waste your time running to the store to buy them.

If using paper liners, no further pan preparation is necessary; you drop a liner into the cupcake pan and move on. 

Can You Make Cupcakes Without Liners?

Follow these easy methods below to make cupcakes without the need for pesky cupcake liners!

  • Make it greasy – Without cupcake liners, getting your pan ready may need a little more work, but you’ll be glad you did when your cupcakes simply pop out. Muffin pan preparation requires grease – and plenty of it!
  • Use baking spray – The simplest way to grease a muffin tray uniformly is probably with baking spray. You may buy a variety of baking sprays, including butter- and olive oil-flavored sprays, high-heat sprays, and sprays that also contain flour. Using a baking spray is an easy replacement for regular cupcake liners.

Find a baking spray that is intended solely for baking. The high heat and olive oil sprays are intended more for culinary uses than for baking.

Most likely, you don’t want the flavor of olive oil in your cupcakes.

Spray a gentle mist evenly over the pan when you have a decent spray. Avoid spraying the cupcake tray with too much grease that it drips down each side and collects in the bottom.

The extra grease will be absorbed by your cupcakes or muffins, which might not taste all that wonderful. A little mist can cover a lot of ground.

Scoop your batter directly onto the pan when it has been sprayed, then bake!

Can You Make Cupcakes Without Liners?
  • Try some butter – Our preferred approach to grease a skillet for baking is with butter. It simply has the finest flavor. 

Compared to baking spray, using butter could be a little trickier because you have to work more to get your butter into each muffin cup’s corner.

Use the stick straight from the fridge, or melt the butter, to do this. Take one tablespoon of chilled butter and cut it off a stick. 

To grease the bottom and the edge of each muffin cup, take the butter chunk firmly in your hand then push it into each one.

You can access those nooks a little more effectively if you hold the butter in your hands.

Melting roughly 1 tbsp of butter in a microwave is the second method of using butter to oil the cupcake pan.

Grease every cup of the pan by dipping a clean towel or dough brush in the melted butter.

If you decide to use butter instead of cupcake liners, this method is perhaps the best because you will be able to thoroughly grease the muffin tin.

  • Pick up some oil – You can grease your muffin tray for baking with a wide range of oils. The two traditional oils—canola and vegetable—will offer little to no taste to your cupcakes.

Coconut oil is very pleasant to use in baking and can give your cupcakes or muffins a mildly tropical flavor.

The method for preparing the pan will be the same regardless of the oil you select. 

To add the oils to your cupcake pan, you would need a dough brush or a paper towel. Rub the dough brush or towel over each muffin cup after dipping it into a small basin of oil.

Get into those corners! Also remember that a little bit makes a huge difference.

How To Get Your Cupcakes Out Of The Pan Without Liners

What now? You prepared your cake pan without using paper liners, scooped then baked your cupcakes, and they came out of the oven looking flawlessly golden brown.

How do you get the cakes out from the pan without a paper liner to make it easy?

Allow the cupcakes to settle inside the pan for 5 minutes before hurriedly attempting to remove them from a hot pan.

Do not burn yourself; the cupcakes will taste even better after this time.

Additionally, cupcakes can easily crumble if you attempt to remove them from a metal cupcake tray when they are still extremely hot.

Letting the cupcakes cool completely will help keep them whole rather than crumbling into crumbs.

Insert a butter knife or small offset spatula between both the cake and the baking pans. Check to see if your cake comes out with ease by gently prying up with the knife.

If it does, pull it out gently and continue to make the remaining cupcakes in the same manner.

Slide the knife all around your cupcake to free it from the sides if it is crumbling or clinging to the pan’s edge.

The cupcakes should all fall out of the pan easily after doing this to each one. Next, turn the pan facing down on a spotless work surface.

The baking spray you used to prepare the pan might well have hardened if you let the cakes cool in it.

When this occurs, it can occasionally behave like glue and prevent the muffins from coming out of the pan.

Simple fix: reheat the oven for around 30 seconds with the pan inside. Simply warming the muffin tray slightly will cause the grease to re-melt.

Return the baking pan to the oven, then quickly flip the muffins out. Voila! They’re ready for you to enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Although they can be wonderful, cupcake liners and the pan themselves are not really necessary.

As you can see, getting the baked products out from the pan just requires a little technique and pan preparation.

Now that you will be knowledgeable about baking without liners, throw away the liners, get some grease, and whip up some cupcakes for us!

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