Why Put Simple Syrup On Cake Before Frosting?

Simple syrup is necessary for cakes, and it helps make them moist. Nobody wants a dense, dry cake. Simple syrup keeps cakes moist, as well as adding a sweet flavor.

Pastry chefs pour simple syrup over the cake’s surface, repairing dry cakes. People soak cakes in simple syrup as a way to make sure that the sugar has completely dissolved, too. Now, let’s find out about simple syrup, how to make it, and all of its uses!

How To Make Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is incredibly simple, just like its name. Simple syrup can also be used in iced drinks and iced beverages, and it can be made in advance, put in a sealable plastic bag, a spray bottle, or even a ketchup bottle!

Keeping simple syrup in the refrigerator is a great way to ensure your cakes are always moist. The recipe for simple syrup is incredibly easy.

Simple Syrup Recipe

Firstly, add 1 cup (0.24 l) of white sugar to 1 cup (0.24 l) of water in a saucepan. Bring this water to the boil, and boil it until the sugar has dissolved. Allow this to cool, and transfer it to a spray bottle, or an airtight container.

When Do I Use Simple Syrup?

You should use simple syrup on cake before you ice it. Often, simple syrup is used before the basic crumb coat.

The crumb coat allows the cake to solidify, keeping all the loose crumbs in the cake. A rich simple syrup will add sweet flavor to your cakes, as well as making them moist. Use simple syrup before you ice your cake.

Does Simple Syrup Make Cakes Soggy?

Contrary to popular belief, simple syrup does not make cakes soggy. Instead, it makes the first cake layer, as well the rest, moist, and sweet.

Too much simple syrup on cake, and you will have a soggy cake. However, you will have to use a lot of simple syrup to get to this point.

How Much Simple Syrup?

How much sugar to use in your cake is a common question, but the simple syrup will not increase the amount of sugar in your cake drastically, because it is so concentrated. Use a quarter of the amount of simple syrup that you make on your entire cake.

Why Put Simple Syrup On Cake Before Frosting?

In short, dripping simple syrup on cake will create a moist cake. Dissolving sugar in water is great way to add sweetness to drinks, bakes, and at least cake making.

Denser cake recipes may need an extra bit of moistness, and the warm cake layers soak up the sugar extremely well. Add syrup to layers of cake, cake batter, or mixed drinks for amazing results and amazing cakes.

Simple syrup is better than corn syrup or maple syrup because it does not have the same flavor. Maple syrup is strong, with a woody taste, and corn syrup is quite strong.

Dissolving sugar in water is a way to get naked cakes moist. The more syrup, the moister the cake. But, too much simple syrup, and you can run your cake.

A lot of people opt to use a clean pastry brush and dab the simple syrup all over the cake’s surface. You can even add some vanilla extract to the simple syrup to make a flavoured syrup that is not too overwhelming.

How Do I Store Simple Syrup?

Because simple syrup is just a combination of sugar and water, you can refrigerate simple syrup for months.

Make sure it is sealed in an old ketchup bottle, an airtight container, or a spray bottle. Sugar crystals may form in the bottom of the container, but this is natural.

Why put simple syrup on cake before frosting?

How Do I Use Simple Syrup?

Once you have baked your cake layers, let them cool for ten or so minutes. Poke holes in the layer cakes, and add your sugar syrup to some kind of device such as an old ketchup bottle or a spray bottle.

You can use simple syrup for many things, including chocolate mud cake, butter cakes, lighter cakes, chocolate cake, devil’s food cake, and denser cake recipes, too.

Homemade cakes will not stay fresh for as long as shop bought cakes, but the sugar combination of simple syrup will make your cake moist for days.

Can You Make Flavored Syrup?

To spruce up your cakes even more, you can use flavored syrup! This is ideal for pound cake, denser cake recipes, and for a general surprise inside cakes.

To make flavored simple syrup, think about what flavor you may want to compliment your cake.

Honey syrup on cake will add a delicious depth of flavor, as well as lemon juice. By adding lemon juice to simple syrup, you will add a layer of acidity to cut through the sweetness of everything else! This is especially great for keeping butter cakes moist, and not too rich.

Can You Add Simple Syrup To Drinks?

Yes, is the answer! Sugar syrup is great for all things, from sparkling beet lemonade, to iced drinks. You can even add them to your favorite cocktails, such as a whiskey sour.

Many iced drinks require the addition of simple syrup in the first place; it is not just a dessert cuisine! You will often find simple syrup in things such as fruit salad, as an instant flavored sweetener.

Can You Put Simple Syrup On Frozen Cake?

You can make cakes to freeze with sugar syrup. Simply do the same process, and poke holes in your layer cakes. Add simple syrup to them, and let them completely cool off, making sure the syrup has completely dissolved.

Use a pastry brush for a cleaner and easier process, and you can freeze these cakes. Once you have defrosted them, the cakes will be moist and delicious.

Final Thoughts

Simple syrup is incredibly easy to make, and it is great for anything, from chocolate mud cake, chocolate cake, layer cakes, pound cake, and many iced drinks.

To make simple syrup, simply follow the steps above, and store in the fridge in an airtight container.

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