How To Double A Recipe

If you have found a recipe that you like but the quantity or servings aren’t enough you may need to know how to double a recipe. Or perhaps you want to cut down on your cooking for the week and spread a dish over two days.

Measuring Ingredients For A Doubled Recipe

Either way in order to double a recipe you will need to plan ahead. You may think that you can just double all the ingredients, but it is not always that simple. It is better to sit down with the original recipe and write down the new measurements. Relying on your mental math may lead to all sorts of trouble.

Most recipes are done by weight, so you can usually just double the amount of the main ingredients. However when it comes to spices doubling the original amount is not advisable. Most cooks find it is better to add one and half times the original amount of the spicy ingredients, dried herbs as well as pepper and salt.

How Do You Double A Baking Recipe?

If you need to know how to double a recipe for baking you can typically use double the amount of main ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs and butter. However it can be tricky to calculate the right amount of baking soda or baking powder and get it proportional to the other ingredients.

A bit too much or too little can make or break your cake recipe. It may not rise enough or too much and then collapse when you take it out of the oven

If you cook a double batch of muffins the baking time will be close to the original baking time as the muffins will all be the same size. Just check them at this time and then add a few minutes if they still need to bake some more.

Do You Have To Double The Baking Soda Amount The Recipe Calls For?

If you want to double a recipe and the recipe calls for baking soda you will need to get the ratio right for the recipe mix. Too much baking soda will cause your cookies to taste cakey rather than chewy and with other recipes it can leave a metallic or soapy taste.

To check that you have the right amount of baking soda when you double a recipe a good tip is to use a quarter teaspoon of baking soda for every cup of flour.

The secret to successfully doubling a recipe for baking is to mix a single batch of your recipe then mix the second batch and combine them together before baking. This will ensure that the proportions are correct.

Doubling A Stove Top Recipe

For a double batch of food cooked on the stove such as a casserole simply doubling ingredients such as meat and vegetables will be fine but just take care when adding ingredients such as dried herbs, salt and pepper.

Use measuring spoons to increase these ingredients. If you are not sure how to double these measurements there are many free printable charts available online for converting recipe amounts.

Cooking is not as sensitive to altering the amount of ingredients as baking is and usually doubling the original amount will work well. You just need to keep an eye on the cooking time and ensure that the food is properly cooked.

Do You Need To Double Cooking Times?

When doubling a recipe for the stove top it is worth using a bigger pan rather than doubling the cooking time. This will ensure that the food is fully cooked and keeps its flavor of the recipe. Use the same method for a doubled recipe as you would for the original recipe when it comes to checking if the food is properly cooked. If not you can adjust the cook time.

To cook double the amount of meat from an original recipe be careful not to overcook by doubling the time. Cook the meat for the original cooking time and then check it every 5 minutes or so.

Is It Necessary To Use A Larger Pan?

So you know how to double a recipe, but before you start cooking you may be wondering if you need to use a larger pan. For a stove top recipe where you are using double the ingredients this will usually be necessary.

If you try to cook double recipes in the same size pan as the original recipe chances are it will not cook properly. All the tips about measurements won’t mean much if your recipe is undercooked. So use an appropriately sized pan when doubling a recipe.

When using oil to cook on the stove you can usually use the same amount as for the original recipe but if you are using a bigger pan ensure that there is enough oil for cooking.

Does A Doubled Recipe Take Longer?

It will normally take longer to measure and prepare the ingredients for a recipe that you are doubling. Careful measurements are important, so it is worth taking the time to do it properly. Preparation of vegetables, fish or meat may take longer and of course you may need to allow some extra time for cooking.

Double the recipe shouldn’t mean double the work. Proper planning can reduce the amount of time that you spend on a doubled recipe so don’t forget to write down exactly what you need and calculate the amounts and cooking times carefully.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how to double a recipe can allow you to cook or bake for more people or create a meal for today with leftovers for tomorrow. While doubling the amount on your ingredients list can work in some instances it doesn’t always work.

A simple task such as writing out the measurements on paper rather than scaling up in your head can help. Other tips such as separating the main ingredients from the seasoning can also help prevent overly spicy or salty dishes.

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