How To Tell When A Pecan Pie Is Done

Pecan pie can be a sweet, delicious treat that may be notoriously difficult to bake properly.

The pie shell and those pecans can easily burn if it is cooked for too long.

Various recipes may give you some cooking advice yet something as simple as checking the middle or giving it a little shake may be all you need.

Thankfully, there are some really simple ways to check that it passes the mmmm test and is not yet overcooked.

How To Check A Pecan Pie?

We will look at how to check the crust later as there are several ways to check the filling is cooked. You may want to check the filling midway through a bake to give one edge a little jiggle.

If the filling is still runny, bake it in your oven for a while later until the center is not as wobbly.

The toppings as pecan nuts should have a medium-brown color. The pecan pie should be caramelized with a crust that has golden edges.

It may still need a jiggle but it should not be runny after it has been baked. The jiggle test is crucial and it only means you need to give the pecan pie a gentle shake.

There should be a wobble as if the center was gelatin and the pie is done when it is left to cool and the filling is set.

Only by checking with a knife will you be able to tell for sure.

Imagine if you shake a jelly, the eggs in the filling should have helped the pie to set. That is where the internal temperature becomes important as it should hit 185°F (85°C).

You can follow various recipes then give a pecan pie a small jiggle and enough time in your oven yet the temperature is key.

There should be a crisp bottom with browned pecans and a probe placed in the center should confirm it has had enough time to cook.

How To Find Out When A Pecan Pie Has Had Too Much Baking Time?

How To Tell When A Pecan Pie Is Done?

The nutty flavor of a pecan pie should be guaranteed in a pie with a golden crust.

If it has had too much baking time in your oven then the recipe largely does not matter as the pecan pie may be ruined.

As the pecan pie cools in a pie pan then the surface may crack if it has been in the oven for too long.

Pies are difficult, especially a pecan pie, so make sure that you follow the recipe exactly.

That means the right amount of brown sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, melted butter, and pecans, and give yourself enough prep time.

Do not rush it and make sure and make sure you give it a good stir. The center should be just right so that a knife finds it easy to cut through after being released from a pie pan.

Check The Pie Crust

The pie crust is an integral part of the pecan pie and may need some blind baking before you check the internal temperature of the filling.

Place the pie shell in a pan, freeze it for over 20 minutes, or cover it in plastic wrap for a freeze if it needs to be prepared in advance such as for Thanksgiving.

Line the crust with parchment paper or aluminum foil then cover it with pie weights.

Bake the crust for par baking then remove it from the oven and leave it to cool so the edges remain baked.

How To Tell When A Frozen Pecan Pie Is Ready?

The toasted pecans are a good sign of when a frozen pecan pie is ready to be served.

You will still need the pecan pie to thaw so leave it in the fridge or at room temperature for over four hours.

You can then simply leave the pecan pie to cook in a dish in your oven at a low temperature. The crust should be ready to serve yet the pecan pie still needs time to cool.

How To Store Pecan Pies?

Due to the sweet filling containing eggs, you cannot indefinitely store a pecan pie on the countertop.

Follow the recipe, check the internal temperature, then leave it in a dish to cool after time in your oven.

Cover with aluminum foil and store in the refrigerator for around three days. You should still be able to get a slice by using a knife in those three days.

Final Thoughts

To fill a pecan pie properly requires a few nifty tricks. The right ingredients, the right proportions, and a little jiggle all help.

A pecan pie requires a crust that has firm edges with a runny center at first that only needs a gentle shake to check that it will set.

It should be real simple to tell when a pecan pie is ready to serve and the knife should just ease its way in to the center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does A Pecan Pie Need Corn Syrup In The Recipe?

You may find corn syrup used in a pecan pie recipe instead of sugar as it helps the center of the pie when baking.

Some recipes use corn syrup as a thicker sweetener than sugar and with the eggs, the pie gently cooks and the pie filling will hopefully set.

Why Do You Need To Put A Pecan Pie In The Refrigerator To Store It?

A pie cooked with eggs, such as a pecan pie, a custard pie, or a lemon meringue pie, simply has to be left in the refrigerator after baking in the oven.

It can be left in a tart tray after it has had enough baking time and been left to cool. After that, the pie can be kept for between three and four days before being cut with a knife. 

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