How To Properly Store Frosted Cupcakes

When you’ve spent the time and effort to bake delicious and beautiful frosted cupcakes the last thing you want is for them to go to waste.

And if you just leave them out on the side, that is what is going to happen. That is why it is so important to learn how to store cupcakes properly. If you leave them out at room temperature for too long those fresh cupcakes are sure to soon turn hard and dry and the icing will go stiff and inedible.

And if you are making cupcakes for an upcoming event or bake sale, then you’re going to want to ensure that your delicious cupcakes stay that way right up until your customers or clients take their very last bite. So, learning how to store cupcakes correctly is imperative.

But don’t worry, because we’re going to teach you how to store frosted cupcakes so that they will stay super tasty with each and every bite.

Storing Cupcakes In An Airtight Container Overnight

If you want fresh and tasty cupcakes then an airtight container is going to be your best friend. Pretty much any plastic container, storage container, or even cupcake boxes will do the trick providing you’ve got that all-important airtight seal.

And you’ll be pleased to know that they’ll last and stay fresh for around 3-4 days.

This will work for most cupcakes. Cupcakes frosted with ganache or buttercream frosting actually fair better from this method. It will keep your frosted cupcakes surprisingly moist

It is worth noting, however, that if your frosted cupcakes have either a cream cheese, whipped cream frosting or a cream-based filling then you’ll need to pop your container into the refrigerator. This is because the ingredients are perishable.

Otherwise, they can be stored in any cupboard or even left on the counter.

Without an airtight storage container, cupcakes kept on a wire rack at room temperature will only last up to two days before they go bad. A storage container is simply a must for keeping cupcakes fresh. A butter dish is a relatively suitable substitute, but cupcakes at room temperature are only going to last so long.

Storing Cupcakes In The Fridge

Storing cupcakes in the fridge is pretty easy and they’ll last and stay fresh for a good 4-5 days.

And the steps to do so, are pretty much exactly the same as storing them overnight. You’ll need some airtight containers and then you’ll need to place your whole batch of freshly baked beauties into single rows, close up the lids, and then place them in the fridge.

This is of course after allowing them to cool completely, as a cooled cupcake retains moisture. Storing them when hot will leas to the build up of moisture in the container, at which point, it won’t keep your cupcake fresh at all, rather, you’ll be left with an unpleasantly soggy cupcake.

The great thing about this method is that you can store any cupcakes this way. It’ll work for pretty much any frosting. Ganache. Cream cheese frosting. Buttercream frosting. Whipped cream frosting. You name it – it’ll work. And the cupcake frosting stays perfect. It’ll be heaven with each and every mouthful.

Freeze Frosted Cupcakes

Did you know that you can freeze your cupcakes too? Well, you sure can. You’ll need that handy airtight container again, and all you’ll do is place a single layer of cupcakes in it, pop on the lid, and then store in the freezer. As simple as that.

They’ll be good to eat for as long as three months so whenever you get that cupcake craving, you can simply take a couple out the freezer to defrost.

There is another method you can use to freeze cupcakes that will keep them nice and fresh. So we’ll take a look at that too.

1. Partially Freeze Them

When storing frosted cupcakes with this method, you’ll want to place an even layer of cupcakes on a cookie sheet and pop them in the fridge for about 2-3 hours, or alternatively you can place them in the freezer for an hour.

2. Individually Wrap Them

Once the frosting is frozen, you can use a freezer safe plastic bag or plastic wrap to wrap up the frozen cupcakes individually.

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3. Place Them In A Ziplock Bag

You can then pop them in a ziplock bag or airtight container. Remember to label them – they have three months from the store date.

Keep in mind that you do not need to remove the cupcake liners. I have never had an issue with freezing the liners and once thawed they are as fresh and good as new.

Store Cupcakes In The Freezer & Add Toppings Later

Freezing cupcakes is a good option, but there are some things to know before you begin. While you can freeze frosted cupcakes, I believe the best advice is to freeze plain cupcakes in the instance where you are using perishable toppings.

For example, if you are adding berries or other fruits to your cupcake, they’re not going to fair well in the freezer.

And if you don’t eat them within an hour or two of them being out of the freezer, they just aren’t going to taste very fresh, as they’ll have that awful freezer taste. Similarly, cereal toppings will have a tendency to lose their crunch. So where possible, always add your toppings just before serving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Freeze Cupcakes With Whipped Cream Frosting?

I really wouldn’t recommend doing so. The texture of the whipped cream alters when it is frozen and so it has a pretty bad taste and doesn’t thaw well. Instead, I would opt for freezing unfrosted cupcakes and then make your whipped cream frosting when you are ready to serve.

How To Thaw Frozen Cupcakes

It’s a lot easier to thaw frozen cupcakes when they have been individually wrapped. All you need to do is take out your desired amount of cupcakes, remove them from their plastic wrap and then leave in the refrigerator overnight.

Then the next day, you’ll want to take them out around 30 minutes before you are ready to serve them.

If you are thawing your frozen cupcakes directly at room temperature then you will want to give them around 4-5 hours to completely defrost.

Regardless of your method of choice, it is essential that you remove the plastic wrap from the cupcake first to ensure that you don’t get condensation on your frosting. This may completely ruin your cupcakes and nobody wants that.

How To Store Unfrosted Cupcakes

If you are planning to store unfrosted cupcakes then you will want to go about it in pretty much the exact same method as frosted cupcakes. The main thing to remember is that you must let the cupcakes cool completely before storing.

Final Thoughts

And there you are, you should now know how to correctly store both frosted and unfrosted cupcakes flawlessly.

The main takeaway from this should be to always let your cupcakes completely cool on a baking rack before storing, you should wrap them in plastic wrap for freezing, and remember that the different kind of frosting or cream that you use will influence how you can store them.

I would recommend buttercream frosting for freezing where possible, as ganache, whipped cream, and cream cheese frosting can be a little tempremental.

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