How To Keep Bread Fresh

Storing bread depends on what you have available and how long you want to keep baked bread fresh.

Store your bread for long term storage in the freezer and you can take it out when you need it.

However, leaving it on a cutting board is only going to keep bread fresh for a few hours.

In this guide, we will look at how to store bread properly, how to use a bread box, the other ways of storing bread, and how not to store bread.

How To Store Bread Properly?

You should eat bread quickly yet when you wrap bread or leave it in bread boxes, you can keep bread fresh for longer.

If you are wanting to revive bread left in a refrigerator or bread boxes, you should consider wrapping bread in aluminum foil and then baking it at 300°F.

Once the aluminum foil is removed, you should bake it for longer to look out for the crust though this is a laborious solution to prevent stale bread.

With that time in mind, if you do have stale bread, use it in French toast.

How To Use A Bread Box?

Keeping bread in the paper bag they came in and leaving it in a bread box is a great way to keep bread fresh.

Make sure the loaf or baguette’s cut side faces the sealed end of the paper bag. The best bread box will keep the bread at room temperature but maintain a crunchy crust for longer.

This should be close to an airtight container and with some air circulating, you can keep bread crusty.

Allow freshly cooked bread, especially homemade bread, to cool down before putting it in a bread box.

The small holes in a bread box allow for air circulation so divide your loaf first to keep a section at room temperature.

The slices can be used up within a few days with the rest being committed to long term storage in the freezer in a freezer bag or wrapped up in plastic wrap.

Other Ways Of Storing Bread

How To Keep Bread Fresh?

If you do not have room for a bread box then consider a bread bag, a plastic Ziploc bag, or the freezer.

Freezing Bread

You should be careful to avoid freezer burn if you decide to freeze bread.

To prevent freezer burn, place the fresh loaf in a plastic bag then push out the air before sealing.

Wrap tightly with as much air as possible out and you can extend the shelf life.

This is a great option for fresh bread if you do not intend to eat the fresh loaf within two to three days.

Freshly baked bread does not have such a long shelf life so leaving it in the freezer prevents the staling process.

Plastic Bag

Using a plastic bag, specifically a Ziploc plastic bag, or plastic wrap can really help to store fresh bread and keep the bread fresh.

If you want to keep your bread fresh longer and at room temperature, wrap it in a freezer bag and keep it on the counter.

Store bought bread lasts longer and you can store a whole loaf to prevent it from growing mold.

A loaf of bread should stay fresh for around a week though you may go without that crispy crust.

Even if you do use a plastic bag or plastic wrap, avoid storing bread in a damp location as it can encourage mold growth.

A Bread Bag

If you want your loaf of bread to look good, consider bread bags.

These paper bags are coated and are typically the best way to store an entire loaf but you can expect a short shelf life.

The paper bags can slow down the staling process yet there are better options for long term storage.

How Not To Store Bread

How To Keep Bread Fresh?

You may think that bread can last for a while left out on the counter or in the refrigerator yet you would be wrong. 

Refrigerating Bread

Should there be room in your refrigerator then do not be tempted to think this is a way to keep bread fresh.

Refrigerating bread is typically a surefire way to create stale bread but you could use that for French toast.

It may prevent your whole loaf from growing mold and prevent excess moisture yet it is still a poor bread storage method.

On The Counter

Sure, leaving an entire loaf of homemade bread on a cutting board looks fancy on social media yet this is one of the worst ways to keep bread fresh.

Bread should be kept in an airtight container like a bread box or a bread drawer, not left out as bread quickly spoils.

Professional bakers know this which is why they know the baking process and understand that stale bread can occur when left out.

Final Thoughts

When taking the time to create homemade bread, you should know how to keep bread fresh.

A bread box is a relatively straightforward option yet using the freezer is excellent to prevent mold and prevent stale bread.

Try not to leave bread on a cutting board or in the refrigerator as there are far better ways to store bread such as in a bread bag or in a cloth bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Revive Bread After It Has Been Left In The Freezer?

If you keep the bread in the freezer for long term storage then it can be swiftly made ready to eat.

The Epi Test Kitchen instructs that a loaf of bread should be defrosted at 325°F when it should have a soft interior.

Creating individual slices from homemade bread is helpful as you can toast them to defrost.

Try not to defrost a loaf or individual slices only to put them back into the freezer, eat the bread when you want it to, and only take out as much as you need.

What Works As A Natural Preservative In Bread?

A loaf that has more fat content should last longer as eggs or butter can act as a natural preservative.

The added fat in banana bread or challah means that the bread should suffer less from starch retrogradation which can occur quickly in a French baguette which is a leaner bread. 

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