Are There Eggs In Bread?

It is always nice to have a loaf of bread in the house. Bread tastes delicious when it is freshly made, still slightly warm and smothered in butter.

But it is also incredible when used for sandwiches, when toasted, and even when it is used to make desserts.

Many baked goods use eggs in their recipe, and this might lead you to wonder if bread contains eggs too.

A lot of people will assume that it does, simply because it is so similar to other baked desserts. But are there eggs in bread?

In short, it will depend on the type of bread that you are baking.

In this guide, we will take a look at whether, or not, there are eggs in bread, including breads that contain eggs, and breads that don’t.

So, if you want to find out more, keep on reading!

Are There Eggs In Bread?

So, are there eggs in bread? Well, as we have said, ultimately, it will depend on the bread recipe that you are following.

One bread recipe might contain eggs, while another might not.

You might find that some recipes include egg yolk, while others include the entire egg, and in some cases, a recipe might only use an egg wash.

It really does depend on the recipe and baking process.

Traditionally, bread would not contain eggs. In its most simple form, most bread will contain just a handful of ingredients.

These ingredients usually consist of yeast, salt, sugar, flour, and water.

Of course, there will be variations of these ingredients depending on the specific type of bread that you are making.

However, most bread recipes will contain all of these ingredients.

If you have never researched bread before, you might be surprised to hear that not all bread will contain eggs.

After all, as we have said, it is easy to assume that most recipes add eggs.

However, this isn’t the case. In fact, most breads will be suitable for a vegan diet.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some breads that do not contain eggs in any form.

Breads That Don’t Contain Eggs

If you are searching for bread for your breakfast sandwiches that doesn’t contain eggs, these are some of the best options for you:

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread doesn’t contain eggs. Sourdough bread is very similar to regular white bread, and it uses the same key base ingredients that we spoke about earlier.

The only real difference between sourdough bread and regular bread is the type of yeast used to make it.

Sourdough bread will not use packaged yeast, instead, it will use wild yeasts leavened with Lactobacillus bacteria.

It is this that gives sourdough bread its unique and rich flavor.

Whole Wheat Bread

Another bread that does not use eggs in its recipe is wheat bread.

Wheat bread, also known as whole wheat bread or wholemeal bread is made using flour that is milled from whole wheat grains.

Hence why it is known as whole wheat bread.

Aside from this different type of flour, whole wheat bread uses the same key ingredients that we mentioned earlier.

Rye Bread

Rye bread is similar to whole wheat bread as it mainly differs from regular white bread due to the type of wheat used to make it.

Rye bread uses flour that is ground from rye grain in its recipe, usually giving it an appealing brown exterior and a denser texture.

Rye flour is also sometimes used to make whole grain bread, alongside whole grains.

Potato Bread

Just like the other types of bread that we have looked at so far, potato bread differs due to the type of flour that is used.

Despite common belief, potato bread is not made using potatoes.

But, it is made using potato flour, and it is this which gives it its name.

White Bread And Gluten Free Bread

When most people think of bread, they will immediately think of white bread.

This recipe is made using white flour, alongside the other base ingredients for traditional bread.

White flour can also be substituted for gluten-free flour in order to make gluten-free bread for those with a gluten intolerance.

In most stores you will also usually be able to get brown gluten free bread that has been made using brown gluten-free flour.

Italian Bread

The majority of Italian bread will also not include eggs.

So, if you are considering tucking into a ciabatta or focaccia, it probably will not have any eggs in it as these aren’t usually used in this bread dough.

However some Italian breads might contain eggs, so always do your research.

Pita Bread

Pita bread and most flatbreads also will not contain egg yolks or egg whites.

However, some varieties of flatbread will include eggs, so it is always best to check the ingredients list.

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Breads That Contain Eggs

However, not all bread doughs will exclude eggs.

So, if you are looking to bake homemade bread, and you want a bread dough recipe that uses eggs, you should consider making one of the following types of bread.

Brioche Bread

Brioche bread is one of the few bread recipes that does contain eggs.

This French bread contains lots of butter and eggs, meaning it isn’t suitable for vegans or those with dairy or egg allergies.

But, it is delicious, and incredibly versatile too.

Monkey Bread

A lot of the styles of bread that contain eggs are sweeter recipes, such as monkey bread.

Monkey bread is more like a cake than traditional bread, but it is delicious, and it contains eggs.

Challah Bread

Traditional Challah bread, which is closely associated with the Ashkenazi Jewish community also contains eggs in its recipe.

If you have an egg allergy and want to create this bread, you could potentially use an egg substitute.

However, authentic recipes will use egg yolks, egg whites, or whole eggs.

Naan Bread

Most naan bread recipes will also contain eggs, and that is why it is very important not to assume that all flatbread recipes do not contain eggs.

Banana Bread

Finally, banana bread will also contain eggs alongside bananas to make this bread dough heavier.

Banana bread is similar to monkey bread as it is a sweet bread, rather than savory bread.


In short, no, there are not usually eggs in bread.

However, it will depend on the specific type of bread that you are baking as some recipes, especially sweeter recipes, will use eggs in the bread dough.

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