Zebra Popcorn

While Zebra Popcorn does look extravagant, it is only caramel corn which has a drizzle of white chocolate and dark chocolate. The creation can be used for gifts, or you can create a few servings for a night in.

This is an easy way to create a snack serving that you can keep in an airtight container.

If you can pop your own kettle corn then you can easily do this Zebra Popcorn recipe.

Keep the mixture simple and it should have a strong review.

That’s largely down to how the cookbook demonstrates such a few amount of ingredients.

You can save yourself the bother of over complicating the recipe and concentrate on the drizzle.

In this guide, we will look at creating caramel corn, using corn syrup, adding the baking soda, and using brown sugar for Zebra Popcorn.

Creating Caramel Corn

For any batch of snacking popcorn, you need around a half cup of kettle corn.

Divide the kettle corn between two pans and heat it up in some coconut oil to create popcorn.

In another pan, combine salt, brown sugar, butter, and corn syrup then bring to a rolling boil over a medium high heat.

Boil it for around five minutes then remove from the pan.

Using Brown Sugar

For the moreish taste in Zebra Popcorn, brown sugar is used for a more caramel corn taste.

The various recipes barely deviate from specifying brown sugar and it will remain sweet but search for that caramel flavor.

You should also get a nice brown color which helps it become a homemade version of Popcornopolis Zebra.

Using Corn Syrup

Corn syrup may be a divisive ingredient so you can make your own sugar syrup instead.

That is typically five-eighths a cup of sugar dissolved in an eighth a cup of water.

You should expect there to be plenty of sugar in this recipe and plenty of calories, with or without the corn syrup.

If you did want to up the taste of the kettle corn then use corn oil to make the popcorn.

Adding Baking Soda

Once you do add the baking soda, the mixture should foam up which you can expect.

If you have a family, this is a sight to behold and gives a hint to the volume of the snack while you can also add some vanilla extract at this point.

Pour the mix over the popcorn and mix it to cover completely. Preheat the oven to 250°F and bake the caramel corn for around an hour, stirring every 15 minutes until the popcorn is glazed then leave to cool.

Drizzle The Chocolate

To make a true batch of Popcornopolis Zebra, you will need one and a half cups each of white chocolate and dark chocolate chips.

Melt them and drizzle over the corn like you would a batch of cookies.

Allow the Popcornopolis Zebra to cool then store in an airtight container, ready to dispatch into a bag for a handy delicious snack.

Serving It Up

Once you have drizzled over the chocolate, you may want to sprinkle over some cocoa for a variation of chocolate flavor.

This is one recipe that you can be sure the kids will enjoy and they are sure to give it 5 stars.

Be wary that with the additional ingredients, like the white chocolate, it may not be a gluten free recipe.

Divide it into individual bowls though be sure to save any left over for another occasion in a few days.

How To Ensure A Good Review

To get 5 stars in a review from the kids, you should ensure that each batch of popcorn looks the same.

That means the same amount of chocolate, the same serving and have enough for them to eat later for these tricky customers.

You may want to consider the amount of salt and butter though without any at all the recipe would struggle to be as delicious.

They may prefer the shop version you can purchase that comes in a bag yet at a reduced price per person, it sure helps to be able to make this Zebra Popcorn recipe at home.

Final Thoughts

Anyone with experience of creating popcorn from kettle corn, should have little trouble using a Zebra Popcorn recipe.

Once the popcorn has popped, creating a caramel sauce from butter, sugar, corn syrup is perhaps the trickiest part of the recipe.

Ensure that the mix completely covers the popcorn and remove any kernels that have not popped.

Spending time on the stirring is also worthwhile to make a consistent batch for a good review before it goes into the oven.

If the prospect of creating a batch of Zebra Popcorn seems difficult, even with the simple food recipe, then you can simply buy a bag of Popcornopolis Zebra.

This may still be gluten free and contain that delicious drizzled chocolate with caramel coating yet you would have a specific serving.

For a family treat with the kids, you would need to shop around to purchase a few bags for everyone to eat a serving.

That’s why you should think of Zebra Popcorn as an occasional delicious treat as it does have a fair amount of calories in each serving, even for a snack where you can control how sweet it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How could you make a healthier batch of homemade Popcornopolis Zebra?

There are versions of kettle corn popcorn that is non GMO that you can use instead of your popped corn.

You still need the chocolate to make those zebra popcorn stripes and there are less sweet chocolate you could use for the same recipe.

The batch should still get a good review as this is still one of those communal desserts and it should be feel good so allow yourself it as a treat and not part of a daily diet.

Thankfully, a homemade version should not include soy lecithin, nonfat milk which are included in the product details of the shop version.

How do you store Zebra Popcorn?

Once you make a batch of Zebra Popcorn, including the drizzled dark and white chocolate, you will need an airtight container.

Popcorn manufacturers will typically insist on using the popcorn inside four days and that is the case here.

When you have popcorn shipped, it should be used that week which can be easy to forget.

If you do make a batch of Zebra Popcorn, try to purchase your popcorn closer to the date or insist on same day delivery. 

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