Using Bread Flour To Make Cookies

Baking cookies is something everyone craves occasionally, and because of this it is something people often like to make on a whim.

However, if you are choosing to make recipes on a whim, often you will have to make do with the ingredients you already have in.

One of the most common substitutions people will have to make is with flour.

You might have used up all of your cake flour or all purpose flour, and the only thing left you have is bread flour.

So, is it possible to use bread flour to make cookies, or will you end up with bad results if you try this? Keep reading to get all the information you need about using bread flour to make cookies!

Can You Make Cookies With Bread Flour?

Yes, it is completely possible to use bread flour to make cookies, however, you will need to keep in mind that this will affect the outcome of your cookies slightly.

You will need to ensure that you will be fine if your cookies do not turn out exactly the same as they would if you were using all purpose flour.

In spite of this the cookies will still be delicious, so you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Your cookies made with bread flour will still look great once they have been baked, but they are likely to be a bit more chewy than usual, but they will still be nice and crispy if you know exactly how to bake them!

One of the best types of cookies you can make using bread flour is chocolate chip. This classic chocolaty cookie flavor will not be too affected by the use of bread flour.

There are actually some people who prefer using bread flour compared to cake flour when making these cookies because they like how they turn out.

You will definitely like the results from using bread flour with cookies if you like a good chewy cookie, however, if you do not like a chewy cookie, then it is probably best to get some all purpose flour so you can have more control over the results.

It is probably best to make at least one smaller test batch when you are baking with bread flour just to ensure that you are happy with how they turn out before you make anymore.

How Will Cookies Made With Bread Flour Taste?

As mentioned, making cookies with bread flour will turn out much more chewy than they usually are, and this is because of the different composition bread flour has compared to all purpose flour.

This is because compared to all other types of flour that are used for baking, bread flour contains a higher protein content.

Generally speaking, an average bread flour will contain somewhere between 12% to 14% of protein, this different protein content will mean that your cookies are going to have a little more volume than usual!

Using Bread Flour To Make Cookies (1)

The reason why bread flour or wheat flour contains so much protein compared to other types of flour is because this content is intended to react to the eggs and the butter which would be in a standard bread recipe and this will create a strong gluten network which is what you want when you are baking bread.

If you want this explained in slightly more simple terms, it essentially means that the moisture which you get from the butter and the eggs in a bread recipe will combine with the protein in the flour and this will make the cookies more chewy than usual. 

So, if you are looking for a chocolate chip cookies more chewy, then we recommend using bread flour over a normal flour, however, if you, or someone you are baking for does not like chewy cookies, then we do not recommend this! 

When looking directly at the flavor of the cookies, we can also see that bread flour also affects the flavor. Some people prefer this flavor, but others do not.

It is also hard to describe the flavor which you will get from bread flour because it is different depending on brand and type of bread flour.

However, generally speaking the flavor tends to be a bit more wheaty and slightly more savory.

How To Substitute Bread Flour For All Purpose Flour When Making Cookies

When it comes to substituting in recipes, one thing which is important to do is to ensure that you are using the right quantity.

This is especially the case with liquid ingredients which tend to have varying densities and consistencies. However, this is not something you will need to worry about when substituting bread flour for all purpose flour.

You will just need to realize that there is no perfect amount of bread flour to use to get cookies identical to that made with cake flour and you will need to make sure you will be happy with chewy cookies.

When using bread flour instead of cake flour you can use the same amount of flour cup to cup, and you can follow the recipe exactly the same as you would with standard flour.

As well as being chewier, some cookies, or baked goods in general, are likely to turn out a bit more dry.

This is usually not too noticeable, you might want to add a bit more fat or extra liquid to the recipe in an attempt to cancel this out, however, this will need some experimenting to get perfect.

However, because cookies have so many ingredients where you naturally get moisture, this will not be too significant of an issue.

Bread Flour Cookies Recipe

If you are looking for cookie recipes to make chocolate chip cookies that is specifically designed for using bread flour, this recipe will get you some great results, and you will not have to worry about substituting.

This recipe will get you some of the best results possible when using bread flour, so definitely give it a try if you want to try a new recipe, and you only have bread flour to hand.

When making this bread flour cookies recipe, you will need other ingredients, this particular recipe calls for chocolate chips, brown sugar, white sugar, baking powder.

Generally speaking when making cookies, make sure that you have a baking sheet prepared ahead of time.

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